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The Qualtech team, which is in full expansion mode, is now spread out among six service points in Quebec and Ontario. We are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic candidates who are willing to collaborate in developing our activities.

We have built a strong team made up of high-performance and ambitious people looking to excel and to meet challenges.

  • The structure we have set up favors two-way, open communication between employees and management.
  • Our management style encourages all actors to engage in honest, ethical and transparent behaviour.
  • We bring together a team of professionals who are committed to customers, projects and to each other.
  • We empower our workforce, to contribute to achieving the highest standards of reliability in all company departments.

At Qualtech, career paths evolve based on the various challenges available. By offering varied and stimulating opportunities, we enable our employees to develop key skills that will enable them to progress naturally. We must maintain high levels of competency among employees due to the highly specialized sector in which we operate. To help accomplish that, we have built a strong team of dynamic professionals who are passionate about their work and motivated by results. Twenty years after its founding, Qualtech ranks among the industry leaders in Canada and continues  to exceed expectations year after year,.


  • A relaxed atmosphere, which includes social activities organized by the company
  • Annual vacations and days off paid by the employer during the holiday season
  • Stable schedule, permanence and ability to work overtime
  • Premiums for those who refer other employees and profit sharing program
  • Group and dental Insurance
  • Free parking


Qualtech’s designers, developers and project managers bring our clients’ ideas to life. They design and modify equipment drawings as requested. They are expected to work with sheet metal, welded assemblies and piping. Teamwork is essential in this department which regularly acts as a bridge between the manufacturing team and customers. Qualtech’s designers and developers constantly face new challenges and projects. Our team includes all levels of college-educated, professional and academic talent. A good designer / developer knows to be resourceful and creative.


Our manufacturing team is committed to producing and installing high-quality, highly-aesthetically appealing equipment. Everyone – welders, polishers and laborers-tradesmen, participates – in his or her own way – in manufacturing and installing the equipment. Our manufacturing teams need to be thorough and accurate in their work.

The fact that food and health are particularly demanding sectors means that – to serve them – we must commit and train the best resources in the industry.

Our shop workers dedicate themselves to preparing, welding and assembling equipment. Installation workers install the equipment on site and assemble the necessary piping. They are all passionate, committed and bear the responsibility for maintaining the company’s reputation for quality.


Qualtech’s automation department offers rewarding career opportunities for lovers of automated production systems. We have challenges to meet the ambitions of engineers, technicians and electrical engineers! Our teams of automation professionals are constantly in action. Most of the work is done on customers’ premises. Tasks may include installation of cables and wiring, automation programming, programming of human-machine interfaces, team supervision, project management etc. We employ passionate, proactive individuals who demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. All positions require a high level of commitment to both projects and teams, English proficiency and the ability to travel on a regular basis.


Qualtech’s project management department, which includes engineers and multidisciplinary technicians, forms the heart of its operations. We manage projects of any size, from the design to commissioning stages. During the process we work together to achieve a common goal: customer satisfaction. We hire mechanical engineering, food and chemical sector engineers and technicians. We are looking for passionate and proactive individuals who demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. All positions require a high level of commitment, English proficiency and the ability to travel on a regular basis.


Qualtech’s teams of professionals provide the essential support that enables business processes and operations to run smoothly and dynamically. Most of our corporate and administrative services are located at our headquarters. These include our accounting, purchasing, payroll, human resources, information technology and marketing departments. We hire professionals from all disciplines who share a passion for achieving excellence and results. We are looking for passionate and proactive people that have a good knowledge of English.


Qualtech is always open to hosting interns! We often partner with the various schools in the region. Send us your application, making sure to mention which program you are in, the period during which you are available and the area where you are applying.

Do you share our values ​​and our desire for excellence? We want to hear from you! We are always looking for the best talent in the industry. Send us your application now and we will keep it on file for six months.