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Irreproachable quality

Our know-how and methods guarantee the delivery of high quality products and systems. We have also designed our own line of standard products.

Specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel equipment and components, we offer a wide range of products to meet our client’s specific needs.


We specialize in custom design, manufacturing and installation of tanks of all capacities. Single or double wall, insulated or refrigerated, we will adapt our design to your needs and your product. Certified ASME and CRN, we are able to respond to your pressure vessel projects

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Cheese and Dairy equipment

Since 1996 we have developed significant expertise in the design, manufacturing and installation of equipment for the cheese and dairy industries. Our line of high-performance products are both productive and easy to clean. As leaders in Canadian cheese industry equipment we can respond to your needs and support your development projects, regardless of the technology requirements.

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Equipment for the milk and cheese industries


Equipment for the milk and cheese industries


We offer an advanced line of innovative high-performance heat exchangers that meet the needs of your industry. We control all aspects of heat transfer including pasteurization, thermisation or cooling (with or without energy recovery), and adapt our designs to meet regulations in effect in your territory.

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Automated systems and industrial intelligence

Securing, optimizing, production traceability and washing cycles are daily concerns for our industrial customers. We have developed intelligent solutions that will allow you to analyze your process to ensure quality while limiting paper documentation.

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Industrial intelligence

Washing equipment

To ensure quality products you need to ensure reliable cleaning. We have developed a line of washing equipment that offers solutions adapted to every application. We offer the safest and most effective solutions, ranging from COP to tunnels and washing cabinets. Our washing equipment can be combined with your existing facilities according to your specific needs.

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Filtration solutions

We offer a full range of filtration solutions. Qualtech can help you formulate the ideal solution for processes ranging from basic filtration to reverse osmosis. Our PERMEO line can increase your efficiency, boost product quality and broaden production versatility. Partners like Tami enable us to meet your exact needs. We will find the system that provides the stainless steel, ceramic or polymer filter products that you need.

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Significant research in clean technologies has allowed us to create a range of solutions designed to reduce your environmental footprint. Our eco-technologies offer greener solutions for responsible management of our resources while optimizing the functional performance of equipment.

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Brewery equipment


Industrial and central kitchens

With experience and know-how in the industrial agri-food industry, our experts design, build and install high-performance, innovative and high-quality systems. We understand that food safety is your priority and put this imperative at the center of our equipment development

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Liquid and powder process


Custom equipment

Because each product is different and your recipe makes you unique, we have the expertise and understanding of your process to design, manufacture and install equipment tailored to your specific needs. Our team of engineers will be at your disposal to design specialized equipment with the level of automation you want

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Used equipment

Our inventory consists of used equipment that can be sold fully refurbished or in its current state. Tanks, finishing tables, cheese basins or separators are just a few examples of used equipment that we offer.

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